Heartstart Malvern

Saving lives together

Our supporters


Heartstart Malvern is about ‘saving lives together’. The scheme would not exist without our many volunteers who very kindly give their time free of charge. Heartstart Malvern is also extremely grateful to a number of other organisations who have supported us in many different ways. These organisations are:


DRP Group


For designing our logo


British Heart Foundation


For providing some of our training manikins and the video clips used on our website


Malvern Gazette


For promoting and publicising Heartstart Malvern


Malvern Lions Club


For their very generous donation to buy two training defibrillators and training manikins


Malvern Hills Volunteering


For all of finding lots of wonderful volunteers


Waitrose Great Malvern


For selecting us as one of their Community Matters groups


Wel Medical Ltd


For allowing us to use their video clips on our website


We would also like to thank everyone who has given up two hours of their time to attend a Heartstart Malvern session to learn simple skills that could help save a life.